Velium SEO’s Ranking Guarantee

To rank a website at the top of Google is no longer something that can be done overnight; it is a process that takes several months. We understand that many potential clients are very hesitant to make the investment into our SEO services when it can take a long time to see a return on that investment.

Here is what we can guarantee for you.

Rankings on Page 1 Of Google

The way we work is that before taking on any client, we perform a careful analysis of the site, the keywords that will bring in the most relevant traffic, and will speak to the business owner to determine whether the project is a good fit for us to take on. Our number 1 rule is that we will not take on a client that we are not confident that we can rank on Page 1 of Google.

SEO is a slow process and in most cases you are looking at around 6 months for your keywords to hit Page 1. If your website is new or has no authority at all and we are starting from scratch it could take longer, and if the industry is very competitive it will also take longer. On the other hand, if your site is already ranking on say page 2-4 for some of the keywords, you can expect them to hit the first page more quickly; it might just be 3 months for example.

So that is a ballpark and it depends on many factors, only some of which are within our control.

Note that we do not guarantee the top spot – there is only 1 of those, and when a site hits number 1 it can be difficult to dislodge. We are always aiming for it of course, but we cannot guarantee it.

Attacking Groups of Keywords

When we analyse your site and talk to you about your business and what you want to rank for, we will tend to look at groups of similar keywords. Keywords are not ranked in isolation; a single page on your site might rank for dozens of different terms that all have very similar meanings.

We’ll work with you to come up with a group of keywords, usually around 5-15, which have the potential to bring in leads to your business. Of course we will be aiming to rank all of those keywords on the first page but sometimes there might be a few that turn out to rank better or not so well, so our guarantee to you is that we’ll rank at least 50% of your keywords on the first page within 8 months, and at least 70% on the first page within 10 months.

2 Months of Free Work

Not all keywords are the same, and some are more difficult to rank for than others. Most clients will start to see at least a handful of their keywords on page 1 within 3 months or so, and more and more should hit page 1 over the next few months as the website gains trust and authority.

If at the end of 10 months we don’t yet have at least 70% of your keywords on page 1 then we’ll continue working on it at no charge for a further 2 months.

The Money Back Guarantee

If we still have not achieved that page 1 ranking for your keywords after a year (note, that this has never happened!) then we have an actual money back guarantee in place which is dependent on how high we have actually managed to place your keywords.

  • Page 2 – Ranking between #11 and #19: 25% of money back
  • Page 3 – Ranking between #20 and #29: 50% of money back
  • Page 4 – Ranking between #30 and #39: 75% of money back
  • Page 5+ – Ranking #40 or higher: 100% of money back!

So, if at the end of a year we have been unable to rank at least 70% of your keywords anywhere in the top 4 pages, we will give you back every penny you have spent with us! Of course, we are confident that this situation will simply never happen.

To give you another example of how this works, lets say we work with 10 keywords. At the end of the guarantee period, we have 3 of them on page 1, another 3 on page 2 and the rest page 3 or lower. So we’ve only ranked 3 out of the 10 on page 1 so we’ve not hit our target, but 6 of them are on page 1 or 2, and therefore we would offer you 25% of your money back. Note this is just a hypothetical example!

So far we have never had to refund any customer at all.