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Caroline Middlebrook

Caroline has worked in the IT industry for over two decades. After a career in software development she formed her own software company in 2009 which provides online SEO tools for Internet marketers. This venture naturally lead into other SEO related activities and Caroline is now able to combine her extensive technical and development background with her SEO knowledge to provide an effective service for local clients requiring Google traffic.

Louie Baldivia

Louie has been working in the online technology sector for the past eight years across a variety of different industries. He is incredibly enthusiastic and has a strong technical background specialising in Internet marketing work. He has excellent attention to detail, which makes him the ideal person to do our sensitive client work, and therefore he does much of the SEO work on behalf of our clients including link building, content generation and research.  

Elaine Sutton

Elaine has spent most of her career working on the financial and accounting side of things. She liaises with both individuals and business associates in order to ensure that any financial issues are resolved promptly and efficiently. Her financial experience set a backdrop for her to move into sales. She understands the needs of business owners and is able to ensure that we can provide solutions that will over-deliver on those needs.
O U R    V I S I O N

To dominate Google and crush the competition in the organic, mobile & maps results for every one of our clients.