How Will The Results of the UK Referendum Vote Affect SEO?

  • June 24, 2016
  • SEO

EU ReferendumToday, 24th June 2016, marks an important date in history. The UK voted to leave the EU by a narrow margin of just 52% to 48%.

David Cameron  resigned from his post as the British Prime Minister just minutes after the results came in. The value of the pound plummeted along with the stock values of many shares. The UK, the rest of Europe and indeed, pretty much the entire western world is up in arms today about this vote and the implications that it will have for years to come.

What About Google?

As you can imagine, anything to do with the referendum is trending like crazy right now. A look at the UK version of Google Trends shows just how incredibly viral this is:

Google Trends UK - EU Referendum

The results of the EU Referendum trending on Google UK just after the results came in

Google always wants to deliver its users with what they want to see. So even though at the core of the search engine is an algorithm that is mathematically based on metrics such as links, social signals, anchor text and so on, there are also lots of fluctuations and nuances built into it when needed.

When something is trending, and especially when it is trending as hard as this is right now, Google knows and understands exactly what people are looking for. As a result, pages about that topic are going to index quickly, and Google will want to show plenty of highly relevant results in the first few pages.

How can you take advantage of that? Ride the wave; if you were to write an article about the Referendum and how it relates to your business, your industry or even just how you feel about it from a personal perspective, it is far more likely to get picked up by Google more quickly purely due to the relevancy factor.

The Power of Social Media

One thing that has been been making a huge impact on SEO in recent years is the power of social media. Facebook and Twitter are just going crazy right now. This is a screenshot from Trendsmap which shows a graphical representation of the Twitter hashtags that are trending live from around the world.

#brexit is most certainly going to be one of the most prolific hashtags of the day

#brexit is most certainly going to be one of the most prolific hashtags of the day

And that’s just two platforms. Google now takes into account social links and social engagement (generally grouped under the umbrella term of social signals) as a major ranking factor. Over the last few years the impact of social signals on rankings has been steadily climbing and in 2016 it could be an even more important factor than backlinks!

With that in mind, hopefully you can see how riding the wave of a huge trend can really help boost up your SEO. People just love to share, to click like (or dislike!), to comment, to hashtag and to generally voice their opinion to anyone who will listen. You can put up a post on the popular social platforms which is about the trend and it will almost certainly get some engagement.

If you want an example, you’re looking at it! I’ve written this post which is about the very topical EU Referendum, and I have tied that into my industry which is SEO. I’m going to publish it on my website but then I will go and share it on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Hopefully it will get some social engagement. We shall see.

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