Is Our SEO Service Right For Your Business?

SEO is not the best form of marketing for all businesses, and not all businesses are the best fit to work with us. Starting an SEO campaign takes a lot of work and so we want to ensure that we only select clients to work with that will be a good fit for us, where we can work together to ensure that you achieve an excellent return on your investment.

There are few basic things that we ask that you have in place before we will consider working with you:

1) A Reputable and Established Business

Our services are designed to get an established business moved up in the ranks of Google. We require that you have been trading for at least six months, and already have a website setup (ideally on the Wordpress platform.)

Also, you should have a good reputation within your marketplace. Part of what we do entails brand and trust building and we can only do that on a good foundation. We do not work with any business dealing in adult themes, illegal products, drugs, gambling, weapons etc. 

2) A Solid Product or Service

SEO Works best when your products or services are actively being searched on in Google. We can then create a campaign which will target a group of keywords that will drive traffic to your website where you sell that product or service.

That's all we require from you! If you meet those requirements and would like to speak with us about what we can do for your business then please fill out the form below.

It should only take a few minutes and it gives us just the basics of what we need to know. We'll then give you a call to discuss your needs further.